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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sport -- fair, balanced and casey anthony verdict throughout the night here on fox. "the o'reilly factor is next. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> bill: so who killed two-year-old caylee anthony. the jury says her mother didn't do it but convicted her of lying to police investigators about her daughter's death. is this another o.j. simpson travesty? geraldo, lis wiehl. >> the lawyer says the media was unfair and assassinated the character of his client. bernie goldberg will analyze that. >> about ho put duct tape on hr
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skull and threw her in the swamp? >> bill: also, what does the verdict say about america? i will deal with that. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the vial casey anthony found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee, that is the subject of the talking points memo. i say she is vial because for 30 days she did not report her baby missing. 30 days. this the time the soas ye socic anthony partied hard and good a tatoo and ignored the flight of her missing two-year-old who was found dead in a swamp. those are facts beyond a reasonable doubt. reasonable doubt in the murder, maybe. i i will not condemn the jury. let's hear from them before we make any judgments. the problem is the jury doesn't
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want to explain their verdict to us. >> at this time there are no jurors interested in speaking to any members of the immediateddia. they do, however, have your packets and they have asked for their privacy and they will contact you if they are interested in speaking to you. >> well, perhaps some jury members are too exhausted to explain at this point. perhaps some of them are looking for money to talk. they did convict casey anthony a narcissistic woman of lying to investigators trying to find h her baby. why did she lie? talking points believes that little caylee anthony has been victimized again. but she was an american entitled to protection. her mother did not provide that and how the justice system failed as well because we still don't know what happened to the the little girl. the villain in the case remains casey anthony. she knows what happened and after the verdict was announced
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she smiled and giggled and generally behaved inappropriately in the courtroom, again, putting herself above the central theme, the brutal death of her child. here is some reaction this afternoon. >> casey did not murder caylee. it is that simple. and today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> this was a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove. the delay in recovering little caylee's remains worked to our considerable disadvantage. our mountain of evidence did not eliminate in the jury's view every reasonable doubt. >> bill: so let's get down to it. the prosecution presented solid evidence, a chloroform residue was found in casey anthony's
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car. also a hair recovered from the car was similar to those found at kay lee caylee's death site. casey anthony never called 191 about her daughter. she lied about a baby sitter stealing caylee and lied to her mother about caylee's where abouts. why would any parent of a missing child lie to investigators trying to find that child? on the defense side, the autopsy couldn't conclude the cause of death and doubts were raised about the forensic evidence. what the case really comes down to is this. reasonable doubt. there was no smoking gun and no eyewitness. what is certain is that the adult in direct charge of a two-year-old cannot explain what happened to her. did not even try to find out what happened. and misled those trying to do so. and that is a memo. fox news anchor geraldo rivera
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scored a huge interview with casey anthony's attorney jose baez. >> you're saying i didn't expect this. we're not saying that at all. we always felt very strongly about our case and we always felt that -- that this case was built on i -- it was built on nothing and the jury saw through the fantasy and forensics and saw through a lot of the lies that were presented before that. >> bill: the fantasy and forensics. joining fru us from orlando, geraldo who is way out in front in this quais. are you as angry as i am tonight? we have known each other a long time and covered a lot of this stuff. i'm so angry about this verdict. are you? >> geraldo: i coo se can see td
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see the seething and you reflect the sentiment of my wife. i heard from erica and she was with other mothers at the summer camp and they were all feeling a sense of disgust and i totally understand that. you have to understand i see this in two ways. as a citizen and as a father. three of my five children are girls as you know. i relate who this poor victim, this child. i'm absolutely scornful and feel a great sense of disdain for the accused, the former accuse, casey anthony. i think she clearly lied and did a lot of things here that were reprehensible but there are a couple of things that people forget and people have to understand now and be honest with themselves and figure a couple of things out. number one, there was not one bit of evidence that this mother ever in any way neglected or abused this child.
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>> bill: let me stop you there. how can you stand there and say that in front of millions of people all over the world when a two-year-old goes missing and the mother doesn't even call 911? you are telling me the mother never neglected the child and she is missing and doesn't call 911? that is neglect, geraldo. >> geraldo: you are confusing two issues. one is what happened leading up to that awful moment when that child died by all accounts -- >> bill: you said casey anthony, there was no evidence she ever neglected her child and i'm it willing you that is bull. she neglected her child by failing to report the child's disappearance. >> geraldo: that is from june 16 on diswhrarks is post mortem after the child is dead. >> you don't know that. >> whistling she was diswrsh we don't know when -- look, the mother has the two-year-old in the house. the two-year-old is gone. the mother says nothing and lis about it.
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>> come on. that's neglect. >> geraldo: what if this? what if it is the baby's daddy that you don't know where he is and where he is from -- >> bill: stop with the what ifs. let's go with the record. >> geraldo: the record suggests, the record is con conclusive.e this wa cluecon this was a good mother. >> bill: bull! a good mother? how does a good mother go to a wet body contest when her baby is missing? how does that happen? a good mother? come on. brain sdo: maybe her wrain is distorted by years of abuse she can't think straight. maybe she is mentally ill. >> bill: stop it. maybe? >> geraldo: you can't say she was a. >> bill: you can't say she was a good mother or wasn't neglect ffl. >> geraldo: if casey anthony had gone to church every day
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since june 16 and was a spiritual person in the way andrea yates was, you would not be so harsh in your judgment. you would say well, wait, what happened here, maybe this religious woman who is clearly grieve stricken was victimized in some way we don't understand. but because of her in her own attorney's words her sluttyness, she is guilty of inappropriat appropriate behavior. that is not murder. that is not child murder. >> bill: and you are right about that. i didn't come to my conclusion that she is guilty of killing her daughter based on that. i came to the conclusion from the forensics. chloroform in the car. do you have chloroform in your car, geraldo? >> geraldo: the fantasy of forensics in jose baez words -- >> bill: is that real or not? was there chloroform in the car
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or not? >> geraldo: no dna. no fingerprints. >> bill: was there chloroform in the car or not. >> geraldo: there are dualing experts on that very point. >> bill: i don't think there is any. >> geraldo: there were 84 computer searches for chloroform or only one that lasted three minutes. >> bill: doesn't matter about that. the authorities proved beyond a reasonable doubt there was chloroform residue in the car. >> geraldo: they did not. they clearly did not. >> bill: then you don't want to believe. i believe the jury didn't want to believe. almost like the o.j. simpson thing. they didn't want to believe it. i will give you the last word. >> geraldo: i think however hurtful toss every parent out there, this is the judgment 12 men and women presented to us based on the evidence as they heard it in a court of law >> bill: i want to talk to them. >> geraldo: they rendered their judgment. now, caylee marie we should remember her and sanctify her
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memory. >> bill: she didn't get justice. i would like to talk to the jury members. >> geraldo: justice and revenge are different. >> bill: wheel and guilfoyle will weigh? >> later, casey anthony's attorneys saying the media assassinated the character of their client. bernie goldberg on that,
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>> bill: continuing with our top story. the jury members do not want to explain their decision to you, the american people. bring in our legal team. here now, attorneys and fox news analysts, skwrao guilfoyle guilfoyle and lis wiehl. she thought she was going be convicted. she was just about to cry. she was scared. you could see it.
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i'm not going to say she knows she was guilty, that is not fair. >> what you can say is disbelief in her face and then complete relief? she was hearing the words. >> bill: you saw that? >> yes. and breaking downed a the big hugs afterwards with the prosecution. >> bill: i don't care about the hulgs. >> she thought she was going to be convicted. >> bill: why do you say that? >> because the prosecution had a terrific case. a circumstancial case, yes. no evidence that saw someone killing her baby but enough circumstancial evidence that they should have won the case. and she knew it. >> bill: did you see in her face that she thought she was t
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bill you say they should have entered in lesser charges. >> make it a capital case. they could have made it a life without possibility of parole case, fine. >> bill: and that is what you would have done? >> 12 jurors sitting there. >> they could have been life in prison. >> bill: let's continue on guilfoyle's team. do you believe that she is right that that he 14u should e gone and prosecuted on a lesser charge with more of a chance of conviction on the charge? >> they did. they spend ough all of the time trying to convince on the death penalty count. all the time on that count and no time on the aggravated manslaughter count and no time
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second-degree murderitz degree count. >> bill: both of you agree and i hate to use the cliche is the prosecution overreached. >> they overcharged. >> bill: and didn't concentrate on what wiehl says. a dead two-year-old. a mother in direct super doesn't know whatamont what happened or doesn't care, we can demonstrate that. if that is not manslaughter, nothing is, correct? >> and they had more than that. they didn't have the forensics. >> that is the problem. >> we are in such an age of csi mentality. >> bill: i will challenge you on that. they had forensics that showed there was chloroform in the car. >> traces. >> and a hair that matched the hair at the death site. this is what an fbi guy test fid. i'm in the jury and hearing chloroform residue and then the exploration of chloroform on her computer.
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that is hard evidence to me. >> i'm with you. >> but u it wasn't conclusive. >> casey's mom took the stand and said i did those searches. i know it was ba low ney. >> she was impeached on that. she lied. >> the strand of hairs matched caylee's. >> bill: who lied? >> cindy anthony lied. >> bill: about researching the chloroform. was the jury aware that she lied? >> the jury was aware because the prosecution called the witness to impeach her credibility and say there weren't searches for chloroform on there. >> bill: here i am, lady, a person who knows little about the law. i'm sitting in new york, 1400 miles away from this trial. and i'm hearing what everybody is hearing out there and i say guilty as sin. >> absolutely. >> bill: guilty as sin. but the jurors, 12 of them sitting in the courtroom every day say no, bill, you are pinhead, she isn't guilty because why? 0 seconds for you and 30 seconds for you.
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>> no cause of death. not enough forensic evidence. no dna on the duct tape. a lying family. they couldn't tell who was lying and who wasn't lying. that was reasonable doubt for them. >> i concur with wiehl. no cause of death this case was game over from day one. it is only a matter of how high the charge was. death penalty they are not going to do it. >> you know what they are look at now. they are looking at george anthony mean ng he took the stand and he was not believable. >> in is a sad day for the american justice system. really is. >> i agree. >> bill: the ladies will be back a little later on. other big stories in the legal realm and another anthony situation i want to get involved with with them. directly ahead, jones on what the verdict
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, back in 1995 i interviewed two jurors who acquitted o.j. simpson and neither could explain their position in the face of the evidence i presented. do we have the same thing going on in the anthony case? joining us from orlando,
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aphrodite jones. i guess you were surprised at the verdict, first of all, right? >> absolutely shocked. i was. >> bill: you are looking at the jury and they are looking at -- they are listening and from all accounts they paid attention, regular folks, at any time seem to have any -- didn't seem to have any idealogiccal agenda down there in florida. could you put any kind of reasoning behind their verdict? >> awm ka couple of things. the prosecution made one big mistake. that is the whole thing we talked about before the 84 searches for chloroform. turns out there was a second computer report and in it they showed the 84 searches were for myspace, not chloroform. that gives jurors a doubt about who is telling the truth and which side it is and the same thing happened, too, with the doubt of whether or not there was chloroform in the car.
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it was never actually proven. >> bill: you have high level forensics experts come in and say with certainty, i heard them say it, there was chloroform residue in the trunk of casey anthony's car. so their experts, the best in their field, they come in and they say it. then we have an accusation from or a statement from casey anthony's mother that she herself had esidue firs did you not believe it? i believed it when the guy said there was chloroform residue in the car or trunk. i believed it. should i notster? >> i believed it. however, there was testimony that that chloroform or residue could have come from a household product that does include chloroform? >> bill: like what? >> any laundry detergent has
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traces of chloroform. that was testified to in court. when you are looking at having the possibility of a doubt, and remember, no searches -- she searched -- did we find receipts for chloroform and find any products that she was actually making chloroform? no. there is no smoking gun there and no cause of death. >> bill: what about the mother lying about it? >> that actually helped the defense because they are able to say, i have a doubt. maybe it was the mother looking for this thing. i talked to you about the mother saying i was looking for it for my dogs, i was looking for chlorophyll. it is easy for a jury to say we are looking for a doubt, we don't want to kill this woman. >> bill: isn't it true that every forensics expert in the world that comes in and says we found a hair, we found a hair in the car that matches the hair at the death site and you could say no, you didn't, it was a cocker spaniel's hair because you can buy experts and
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that is what the defense does. buy experts and they come in. the jury at one point or another has to go with the preponderance of evidence dorks they not? >> they do and you are right. people are angry. in the streets here in orlando there were people screaming we don't want murderers on our streets. people are outraged. they had to put crime scene tape to keep the people oust the courthouse when the verdict came down. i don't know if you are aware of that. there is an outrage that is huge about this verdict, kid you not. but bill, people in that jury box who sat there and deliberated decided that they had a doubt. they could not get their head around. >> bill: deliberated for less than 11 hours and there is 12 individuals and they all came to the same con leuks. conclusion. one of the ail it territories territorie camerota
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explanation. i'm going okay, there are no dots that we connect or are we at the point in america now, where you just have to have a videotape of somebody shooting somebody or killing somebody and if you don't have it, not guilty because there is always a doubt. somebody could always say something. i'm just really, really troubled by this thing. i will give you the last word. >> okay, bill. there is a difference between a reasonable doubt and a shadow of a doubt and unfortunately this jury took it to a shadow of a doubt and don't second guess the fact or don't belittle the idea that they want to go home, they are sequestered. they are angry that they lost their summer and holidays. i'm not saying they didn't do their job. >> bill: i'm not ready to do
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that. i do want to hear them explain and they ran today and they might be tired as i said, but you thought she did it, you yourself thought she did it? >> yes, i think she did it. >> bill: thanks. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves around this evening. sheriff investigating the case says he is proud of what the investigators have done. should he be? then, casey anthony's lawyer says the media is the devil. is the media unfarley portraying their clients? bernie goldberg will have thoughts on
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the sheriff investigating the case jerry demmings says he is proud of the situation. >> i could not be any more proud of the performance of my staff throughout both the the investigation and the trial. they have admirably represented
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the orange county sheriff's office and sit den citizens ofe county florida throughout the process. >> bill: the question should the sheriff be proud. joining us, judge alex ferrer. former police officer who is now the host of judge alex, a syndicated program. this looks to me, you know, i i like law enforcement. i have been a big law enforcement guy my whole career. looks a little cover your butt guy to me, judge, am i wrong? >> i think you might be taking it wrong, bill. there was one major, major ball dropping in the case and that could have affected the outcome of the case. and that was when the guy who found the remains of caylee anthony roy kronk called the police back in august the police didn't respond. when finally an officer came out he walked down to the marshy area where kronk said the body was and looked across the body and refused to go in there and turned around and
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slipped in the mud and berated kronk for 30 minutes and left. never went in there. that officer was fired. rightfully so. the rest of the officers have done an admirable job. they worked around the clock, some of them, dozens of officers trying to piece the case together. had the initial officer gone in there and found the body it would have been five months earlier. who knows what dna and finger fingerprints would have been found. >> they fired the guy, booted the case and the rest of the officers in your estimation did their job professionally. what about geraldo made a big deal out of this as we were contemplating the case in its testimony phase there were no miranda warnings given to casey anthony and even if she got convicted this would be a big deal. >> completely disagree. i completely disagree with him on several points. she was questioned by the police officer whs hs when shek them to her place of employment
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that she never worked at. they opened it up saying do you want to speak to us voluntarily and explain why you brought us here. mir puerto rican dhere. >> after they spoke to her, they let her go. the statements that she gave in that interrogation were identical to the ones that she gave to the police later on, to her parents, all of which the jury heard. it wasn't like she gave a confession and that never would have been heard by the mi juryd hell of a competitor mirandaizeed her. >> bill: and all of the statements turned out to be untrue which she was convicted of. she was convicted of lie together investigators. now, you followed this case very closely and you are a judge. and to me i'm angry tonight and i know millions of my viewers are angry as well. we don't believe that caylee anthony got justice because of the preponderance of the circumstancial evidence and
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looks like the jury bent over backwards to give casey anthony the benefit of the doubt. i don't think there was now doubt but obviously those 12 people do. do you see it that way? >> yes, i do. i'm not angry and this hurts me to say, in the years and thousands of trials i have handled, i have seen people proven more guilty than casey anthony walk by a jury. i'm sort of numb to the circumstances. >> bill: why generally speaking does that happen? >> sometimes it happens, bill, because there are some jurors who do not have it in them to say guilty and sometimes happens because there are some jurors who will not convict somebody on a circumstantial evidence case even though the question is not was it direct evidence or circumstancial. some jurors say i want somebody looking at me saying i saw her do it so i can evaluate their credibility. i believe them or don't believe them. and if you are one of those jurors you are not going
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convict no matter how much evidence is produced. the state put on a powerful case here. you are talking about a three-year-old girl found in the woods wrapped in three bags which duct tape over her nose and mouth, a mother who never reported her missing and when con frontded. >> bill: she lies all over the place. >> and her call smelled like a decomposing body. >> bill: we appreciate it. when we come back, bernie goldberg on the media allegedly assassinating casey anthony's character. and attorney holder gives up the cia witch hunt. legal is next.
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly and this is the legal segment tonight. three hot topics including
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attorney general holder announcing that most of the cia investigations or oh kersed investigations of terrorists being dropped. first as you may know, casey anthony did not testify in her own defense because she would have been asked why she told elaborate lies about the disappearance of h her daughter and why her attorney put forth that her own father helped dispose of the child's body when not a shred of evidence was put forth to back up such a claim. >> shouldn't the judge have been more agres niiv aggressivn stopping the defense attorneys, baez and the rest from putting forth the proposterrous this could have happened or might have happened? said look, unless you have evidence that shows you can't do that. >> no, let me explain. no, because all of that came out, believe me, i think it is crazy what he said. but all of that came out in the opening statement. all right, he said baez said i'm going to show you this
5:38 am
sexual assault. >> bill: but he didn't. >> the judge then in closing arguments said you can't bring any of that in. he couldn't have done that in open ning statement but the juy still remembered that. >> bill: at the end the judge saved himself in your opinion by saying to the jury hey,. >> not to the jury. >> bill: but the jury heard it. >> no, the jury was not there in the courtroom. >> bill: jury didn't hear it. >> baez said to him before he did his closing statement, judge, may i go into issues of sexual abuse. >> bill: and he said no. >> he said no. >> bill: that is still not enough for me, guilfoyle, because if you raise it in opening statements. >> it is too late. i couldn't believe it the first thing when i heard him say, that he specified it was going to be an accidental drowning and show you this happened and he put no evidence whatsoever and could have done a test that would have shown that she died in the pool. >> bill: don't you think the judge should have told the
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jury, you know what, they didn't really back up what he said? >> he didn't back up any of it. >> bill: but the judge didn't allow it because of appeal. >> it is unethical and improper for mr. baez to have brought those things up in the opening statement when knew he didn't have statements to prove it. he gave them an admonition that said you are not to look at that as evidence because no evidence was presented in the trial. >> bill: when did the judge do that? >> before they went into closing arguments. >> i can't blame the judge then. >> can't blame the judge. it happens every day in courtrooms. >> bill: i know what happens every day but you have a dead two-year-old here and i'm tired of this stuff. somebody put the two-year-old in the swamp, okay. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is. >> bill: let's get on to this and i admitted this and i'm sure you admire my percif
5:40 am
icalcity. >> can you spell 2. >> any would drop the water boarding and so they have. >> why this was even evisitted? >> for political reasons. >> that is improper as well. they are wasting time and taxpayers dollars. >> bill: let's move it ahead. >> leon p panetta made the announcement before he left as direct 84 of the cia they would be dropping the majority of the investigations. >> two total cases in question and both cases where deaths occurred in questioning and one was at abu ghrai the shower questioning happened and the man died. >> bill: the alleged being questioned died and that is legitimate, ladies and gentlemen. if they died they have to be -- >> you have care prosecion.ut already to say i'm gng to do my ownnvestigation. two people dead, you know, i'm gog to do my known. i don't have any beef on that.
5:41 am
you know who roger cle clemens. in, wiehl? >> football? >> hall of fame type pitcher. he tells congress that he did not use performance enhancing drugs including steroids. his guys, his trainer and other players say he lied. thus the justice department brings federal charges against this. >> right. first off should the federal government spend money on something like this. >> yes. >> bill: why? >> bus because he lied to the federal government. >> you're convicting him on it t.v. then. >> is it enough to spend billions of dollars on the trial. >> martha stewart comes to mind. >> bill: bad behavior doesn't just fie other bad behavior. is it figure enough to spend
5:42 am
millions of dollars. why? >> lying to the government and lying to congress. they found six counts. >> bill: do you agre agree thas trial is worth millions of dollars. >> no, i don't. i don't think there is sufficient convincing proof that he lied. there is inconsistent statements just like the barry bonds case. >> bill: let me challenge you. >> go ahead. >> bill: two witnesses, andy pettit, a former player who admitted to steroid use and clemens trainer who is a sleezoid, i will admit that point. if you are an teerg he goes to congress and says i didn't do it and o have two guys coming in andty saiing he did t don't you have to follow it up. >> you have to investigate and if you feel. >> bill: but you say it is a waste of money. >> at a certain point when you have this much conflicting
5:43 am
evidence, you have one witness. >> bill: you don't have conflicting evidence. >> yes, you do. witness that says that he did that is not credible who is making the allegations scwhrarks is compelling about the case is mr. pettit's testimony because he doesn't have an axe to grind and made personal admissions himself. >> bill: he said he didn't do anything. i will give you the last word. >> you spend whatever money it costs to bring this to the jury because he has flawntde flauntd allegely lied. >> bill: i would blame it on casey anthony's father. >> george anthony. >> bill: i do believe that if you do lie to congress and you are a big guy like clemens you have to be -- >> something has to happen. >> i don't think you should get a pass if you break the law. >> you have to be clarified. that st is the word. in a moment, bernie goldberg on allegations that the media
5:44 am
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banchts of the book segment tonight. week day. >> moments after kea casey anty was acquitted of murder today one of her attorneys delivered
5:47 am
a blistering attack on the media. >> i hope this is a lesson to those of you having indulged in media assassination for three years. bias, prejudice and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be. i'm disgusted by the lawyers that have done this and my colleagues from coast-to-coast and border to border have condemned the whole process of lawyers getting on television and talk blg cases that they don't know a damn thing about and don't have the experience to back up their words or the law to do it. now, you learned a lesson. >> joining us, the purveyor of bernard goldberg, .com. mr. goldberg. that attorney has a point in the sense that the media ran wild with this. hln 24/7 and got every expert they could find and a lot of people just talking through their hat. i think that the woman is
5:48 am
guilty but i don't think the lawyer's point is unfounded. >> the mistake, the talking heads that he condemns, the mistake that they made is that they thought incorrectly that the jury in orlando had a mod did i couple of common sense. this jury watched too much csi, miami. this jury wasn't going to convict unless there was rock solid evidence way beyond anything that was presented. look, i mean i'm so disgusted with this whole thing i could hardly speak straight tonight. but the lawyer condemning the talking heads, listen, the problem is with the jury. not so much with the talking heads. the problem is that the jury as i say didn't have a modicum of common sense. >> bill: i agree with you in the sense that -- go ahead. >> bill, here was a woman as you rightly said in your
5:49 am
talking point. here is a woman whose daughter goes missing, who for 30 days doesn't report it to the police. who then tells the police that the house keeper took the baby but that is a congres cock andl story because there is no house keeper. then she talks about a rich boyfriend but there is no rich boyfriend. then she goes out dancing and gets involved -- gets a tatoo that says the beautiful life and they can't -- and they find this woman not guilty. circumstancial evidence is evidence. >> bill: it is. and look, but what -- what the lawyer was angry about were pundits loading up and saying oh, you know, there isn't any other side to the story. there was another side to the story and geraldo and i -- and i think that is why i love geraldo, i have to say. geraldo and i go at it as good as any two individuals ever on television and you heard that debate. geraldo has taken the defense side tonight and i'm saying exactly what you are saying,
5:50 am
bernie, that it doesn't add up in any way, shape or form at all and there was enough forensic evidence to make me, an american citizen convict this woman. what did you think of the back and forth between geraldo and me sthvment. >> well, i wonder if geraldo and others who think like geraldo would be so open minded if a militia man in arizona was accused of killing a hispanic immigrant and the evidence was similar to this case. a mountain of circumstantial evidence. do you think geraldo rivera would go on the air and talk to you the way he did? >> bill: i can't answer that question. >> let me try. i don't think he would -- he would speculate that maybe this person did it. maybe she is crazy. maybe this. maybe that. this is ridiculous. if the man in free choice act and heard the evidence in the
5:51 am
case he would say, of course, she is guilty, maybe she shouldn't get the death penalty but, of course, hee is guilty. can you name any other mother on the planet earth or at least in this country who when their was damning and that combined with the forensic evidence. and geraldo is saying well, every piece of evidence is questioned. believe me, there is no doubt in ny my mind there that theres chloroform residue in the trunk of casey anthony's car. now, let's go on to the huge ratings television ratings that this trial has garnered for the past month and a half. what is the fascination? >> i think that is a very good question. and i think the answer is this. i have said before that we live in the united states of entertainment and i think the fascination with this story proves the point. here you have a case where the
5:52 am
american people are watching a reality t.v. show. that is the fascination, they are watching a reality t.v. show with real characters and the possibility that at the end of the show the star may get sentenced to death. this was not an important story. it wasn't about race. it wasn't about the clash of class in this country. it wasn't even about fame. yet we were drawn to it because in the united states we crave and i mean crave entertainment. we have american soldiers dying for their country in iraq and afghanistan and they don't get one tenth of the time that this story got. and one more point and nobody is going like this but it is absolutely true. if casey anthony were a young black woman with a black two-year-old no network would give videotape of
5:53 am
that cute little girl who wound up dead that probably wouldn't get on the air either. this it country we have the ability to be incredibly shallow at times and this, bill, was one of those times. >> bill: we appreciate it. pinheads and patriots on deck. an abc news situation starring christian
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring christiane amanpour in a moment. but first, the mail: >> bill: the best part is i survived in that film. lots of stuff got blown up. transformers 3 will make huge money. it already has. 200 million to make i think they got that back in less than five days.
5:55 am
>> bill: there you go. the most important thing about your letter is your respect and love for your grandfather. too many younger americans don't deal well with the elderly. we should be more like japan and revere seniors. there you go . >> bill: not a pinhead, but i'm sending you the navy seals 1, bin laden 0 bumper sticker so you can update. >> bill: we donate directly to the wounded warriors project and fisher house. details on by the way, it is one of the best fishing places in the world.
5:56 am
>> bill: miller and i have to see if there are any arrests at the first show august 20th in long island. we have to see how the big crowd reacts. then we go from there. a few tickets remain. folks are coming from all over. that will be a wild evening august 20th. >> bill: i appreciate that bob. the summer is postedon check out the thriller i read over vacation, pretty interesting. >> bill: wow, excellent erika. signed copy of pinheads and patriots on the way to you. >> finally, as i mentioned before i like to go to different places on vacation.
5:57 am
often spots i haven't been to in a while. last week arrived at the rocky mountain national park northern colorado great experience, horseback riding, i have saddle sores. river rafting, hiking, i need a nap. great experience outside of the rocky mountain national park, patriots. >> on the pinhead front. we do daily word of the day here. we don't tell you what the word means. that separates us from some. >> there's this great moment when he says if i could be preserved in a vat of wine and reawakened, 100, 200 years i would like to see how this country turns out. >> you wrote about this, he was amazingly press kay when this constitution was signed -- he stood up and said i don't know whether it is the
5:58 am
best. it might be. >> bill: that was a little condescending but the definition is up there. i know it is not widely known. viewers can look it up. they do it here. seems a little snooty. little definition. like you're too stupid to know it. we don't do that. we present the word and you look it up if you don't know it. pinheads. that is it for us, check out the fox news fact for website different from spout off from anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be this directly relates to the abc exposition do not be supercilious when writing to the factor or putting up captions on television news programs. again, thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you.
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, july 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time today. are you shocked? the verdict, a lot of people saying it shocked the nation. now another shock. casey anthony could go free as early as today. hear from the only juror speaking out about what went on in those deliberations. >> meanwhile, oh, the irony. kim kardashian is outraged over the casey anthony verdict. didn't her father help get o.j. simpson off of a murder charge? america not letting her off the hook on this one. we'll tell you about it. >> and by the way, i could never forget her dad's reaction, too, and it looks like the scene out of a movie. major u.s. city consumed by a wall of dust. cloud so strong, power knocked out, flights grounded. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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